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Your own Wi-Fi system allows you to provide another layer of service to your customers. Be it a paid or free, it's a fact that customers select establishments that provide this service and reject the one's that don't.

1. Do you have wireless Internet service? If not...

We provide and install you with specially programmed Wi-Fi devices, which can be connected to any existing Internet connection by any service provider (Fixed line, WiMax, mobile broadband – 3G/3.5G/3.75G or 4G or satellite connection) on any environment (inside buildings, pool sides, gardens or any location).

2. If you have unsecured FREE wireless Internet...

You can start earning from your wireless Internet service using pre-paid cards supplied by us. If you really want to keep it free for your customers, we can protect your service form non clients by issuing self generated tickets.

3. You already earn revenue from providing wired or wireless Internet to your customers...

We can provide you a proper system to enhance your billing ability as per your requirement, control the usage and prevent excess usage. If you want to expand your network, we can cover the area wirelessly with our service.

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DeeSoft Business Solutions is a rapidly growing custom development and software outsourcing company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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