Our Services

  • CusDec Wizard

  • The ultimate software solution for Sri Lanka Customs Clearing Agents - This software is used by more than 70 Sri Lanka Customs Clearing Agents as at Dec 2008

  • DeeSoft WiFi

  • Your own Wi-Fi system allows you to provide another layer of service to your customers. Be it a paid or free, it's a fact that customers select establishments that provide this service and reject the one's that don't. To learn more, visit DeeSoft WiFi Official Website.

  • CCTV

  • We provide the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV security systems for residential and commercial premises. We provide wide range of security cameras suitable for homes, shops, offices, warehouses and small businesses, fully installed at a competitive price.

  • Web development

  • Designing attractive, usable web sites that empower your business to succeed is truly an expert skill. In today's crowded web services market many firms can simply create your site, but how many firms can make a web site that succeeds?

  • Web reseller service

  • If you are interested to become a web master and provide web services as above in your own, We are happy to introduce you to our web partner hostgator.com for the most reliable and cost effective solutions.

  • Software development

  • We provide full cycle of software development for companies who are looking outsourcing the facility. We have developed tailor made software solutions as well as solutions for selected groups of professionals. The most populer one is being the "CusDec Wizard" for creating and printing documents related to clearance of cargo at Sri Lanka Customs.

  • Hardware

  • Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most. Doesn't it seem like your computer always needs repair at the worst times? Perhaps your final paper is due for a class or you simply can't do the work you need to - whatever the case, getting your PC repaired is essential.

    Our Services

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    DeeSoft Business Solutions is a rapidly growing custom development and software outsourcing company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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