CusDec Wizard

1. What is "CusDec Wizard"?

"CusDec Wizard" is a software for creating and printing documents related to clearance of cargo at customs.

2. Why do I need "CusDec Wizard"?

Being a professional in Cargo clearance business, you are responsible of a fast and easy clearance of cargo for your customer. In this process a working sheet should be prepared and then Form 53 of Sri Lanka Customs duly filled in with correct information such as matching HS Codes, tax calculations for each item and so on.

Our program can be used to generate and print Working sheet, Form 53 (CusDec I & II), Value Declaration (Customs 308A), Examination of Container (Panel Form), Duty waiver Form, Vehicle Accessories declaration, Vehicle Working Sheet, Shipping Note (Exp 3A) , Cargo Dispatch Note (Exp 3b), GSP certificate of origin, The National Chamber of Commerce and The Ceylon chamber of Commerce certificate of origin, Phytosanitory certificate, Transport Sheet, Ex-Bond Declaration, Import Control License Data, Bank Remittance Form, SLSI Forms, etc…

Every type of calculation involved in Working sheet and CUSDEC I & II is automated and it will reduce the number of human errors and will help in creating and printing all documents related to an entry faster than any other system.

3. Can you give me a list of features in your software?

Here are some of the features in our "CusDec Wizard"

  • Program includes over 6,000 HS Codes, descriptions and measurement units and are automatically updated via our online servers.
  • CID Rates for general, India, Pakistan, SAFTA, SAARC, GSTP, BK, APTA, APTALDC ( % and unit rates) for all HS Codes.
  • VAT, Cess, Excise, RIDL, PAL, SRL and NBT duty unit / percent rates for all HS Codes.
  • HS Code or relevant HS Code category of an unknown item can be searched by the description of item.
  • We employs "SmartSearch"  Technology to search through 28,000+ international tariff keywords, Sri Lanka Customs Tariff and previous CusDec Entries in system to provide the customer with most accurate results.
  • All data required for tax calculation can be viewed using HS Code or Description of item
  • Weekly rates of exchange can be automatically downloaded from Sri Lanka Customs web site or manually entered to program for 180 currencies and will be applied to the CUSDEC for calculations.
  • Automatic Tax calculation for each item including COM, Examination and seal charges, NCY value as per current rates. (Program is presently updated for 2012 budget and amendments issued thereafter)
  • Software identifies change of procedure codes from general imports (4000  - 000) to INFAC, TEIP, BONDING and BOI imports and exports and will change the mode of tax calculation accordingly. (Any tax calculation mode (Procedure Code – CPC schemes) related to procedure codes can be added to program by customer)
  • Working sheet can be generated by entering information presented in invoice. Freight, Insurance, CIF, Nett Weight, Gross Weight, No of packages are automatically calculated for each item. If available invoice data can be extracted from an external MS Excel file.
  • CUSDEC I & II is automatically filled with information entered in working sheet (almost 95%) reducing the time and energy used for typing Form 53.
  • When calculating CID, CESS and Excise duty, program will automatically change over from standard percentage to unit rate as required and will inform the user.
  • For each new entry program will calculate and format CUSDEC I and number of CUSDEC II pages depending on the number of items in entry.
  • Unlimited number of consignee details including company name, address and TIN can be stored in program and can be selected easily for an entry.
  • Declarant / Representative information will automatically appear for each entry thus reducing the amount of typing involved.
  • Unlimited number of exporters information including company name, address and TIN can be stored in program and can be selected easily for an entry.
  • Data on screen is automatically saved without user intervention thus reducing a data loss  in an event of a power failure
  • Integrated error checking and recovery system for user errors, with user friendly error messages
  • Unlimited number of CUSDEC entries can be added to program and old entries will be retained after printing for future references. (Customer can remove any unwanted entries)
  • Old entries can be searched using Job No
  • Value declaration (Customs 308 A)  is automatically generated  and printed using information entered in CUSDEC I & II.
  • Program will automatically apply relevant information from CUSDEC Forms for Examination of Container, Shipping Note ( Exp 3A ) and  Cargo Dispatch Note ( Exp 3b ). (User only have to fill in data which is not in CUSDEC Form).
  • System identifies items/HS Codes which should be notified to SLSI and relevant SLSI notification form can be generated.
  • a
  • CUSDEC I & II or any supporting document can be faxed to any location using system.
  • CUSDEC I & II or any supporting document can be E-Mailed to any location using a pop3 e-mail account using your favorite E-Mail program such as Microsoft Outlook Express. (E-Mails are in an un editable format (Snapshot and Pdf) and receiver of the E-mail cannot change any contents)
  • Program employs an advanced copy protection system and encrypted database for safeguarding customer data.
  • 4. What type of computer will I need for this software?

    The system requirements for this software is as below

  • PROCESSOR – Pentium IV 450 MHz or higher.
  • RAM – 256MB or higher.
  • HARD DISK SAPCE – 100 MB for the program.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM - Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, Xp, Vista or Windows 7.
  • APPLICATION PACKAGES – Office Xp/2003/2007 – Full Version / Runtime system.
  • We offer any Technical support required to upgrade your hardware or software.
  • What type of printer do I have to use for this software?

  • Software supports any type of Laser, Inkjet or Dot-Matrix Printer which uses 8.5 inch paper (A4 Size). CUSDEC Forms can be printed on blank A4 sheets or on continues Printed forms available in stationary shops.

  • What type of Customer support will be provided for this software?
  • Free Onsite Program Installation (Cost of Software or Hardware upgrades should be borne by the customer)
  • On site training of users assigned by the customer.
  • 24hrs X 365 days technical support for the program over the phone.
  • Recovery of Data in an event of a possible hardware failure (Technically recoverable events).
  • Utmost secrecy guaranteed of customer data that may be viewed by program developer on the course of a data recovery procedure/maintenance event.
  • Up to 2 visits free on first month after installation for assistance (if required after training of staff).
  • Free demonstration of capabilities and efficient ways of using the program.
  • Any amendments for duty rates will be handled by us.
  • Any upgrades to the software will be notified to the customer.
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